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Grupowy portret dziwnych przyjaciół

HIV + / HIV couples -

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When should I tell my partner about my HIV status?

According to Polish law, people living with HIV are required to inform their sexual partners about their serological status. There is no one-size-fits-all rule on when to notify a person that you are infected. If you find an informed partner, HIV does not necessarily end the relationship.


Is your partner scared of the virus? Perhaps they cannot cope with difficulties, and they would have acted similarly otherwise. Some people take time to get used to this information . 

Don't be afraid to ask for support in conducting such an interview. You can turn to:

  • a psychologist and practice a dialogue with him,

  • your doctor, who will tell you how to protect your partner from infection,

  • advisers at the Consultation and Diagnostics Point, where a specialist will explain to your partner all the most important aspects of life in a +/- pair.

How to take care of an HIV-partner?

The first step you can take to take care of yourself and your partner is to take antiretroviral therapy. With effective treatment, you will get undetectable viremia. It is thanks to her that you will become a non-contagious person.

  • Only by taking regular ARV medications will you become non-infectious! Do not skip any dose of medication without consulting your doctor.

  • If you are just starting the drug therapy, you should know that the reduction of risk does not take place until 6 months after viral treatment becomes effective (HIV viral load <50 copies / ml of blood).

  • Any sexually transmitted infection can reduce the effectiveness of ARV drugs as prevention of a person's HIV -.


Use a condom, especially before and immediately after starting treatment.


Oh no! The condom is broken, now what?

Take a breath and don't panic. If you are HIV negative, you can benefit from post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Go to a doctor in a private or public infectious disease clinic and take the first pill as soon as possible after sexual contact, max. 48 hours. You will take the treatment for 28 days and it will protect you against HIV infection. The cost is about PLN 990

Should an HIV (-) person take PrEP?

It depends. If a person living with HIV is taking antiretroviral drugs and has an undetectable viral load, then the HIV (-) person does not need PrEP.

When your seropositive partner has just started treatment or is not receiving treatment at all, consider taking continuous pre-exposure prophylaxis . 

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