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What does undetectable HIV mean?

Wiremia determines the amount of the virus in the blood and in the secretions of the genital organs.   According to the guidelines of the Polish AIDS Research Society, viremia test (blood test) _cc781905-bb3b-31 136bad5cf58d_ is done twice a year in patients who are on antiretroviral therapy. It is thanks to antiretroviral therapy that you are able to achieve an undetectable viral load. Does this mean I will get rid of the virus in my body? No, but it will be so small that you will become a non-infectious person.

What does undetectable viremia give me?

Thanks to undetectable viremia, you become a non-infectious person. This means that   if a person living with HIV is on effective antiretroviral therapy, it is "as effective as consistent condom use". So you can have sex without condom protection and you won't pass the virus on to another person. You can also father or give birth to an uninfected child. To ensure treatment is working, it is recommended that you wait 6 months after your first undetectable viral load before starting sex without condoms. sexually.

How do you achieve undetectable viremia?

An undetectable amount of virus can only be obtained with REGULAR intake of medication.  Your doctor will determine your viral load based on tests. When you achieve an undetectable viral load depends on your body and medication action .  The goal of antiretroviral therapy is to inhibit viral reproduction, slow disease progression, and prevent the development of opportunistic diseases i_cc781905-5crawa-136cc_78-bb3bf-quality 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and prolongation of survival.  Undetectable viremia does not allow treatment discontinuation as the viral load increases again after treatment discontinuation.

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